GateChain Monthly Report — 2022.August

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1.Technology & Product Update

2.Ecological Construction

2.1 HipoNFT Launch Notice

On the occasion of GateChain‘s second anniversary, we solemnly announce to the global community members that HipoNFT, the native decentralized NFT trading platform based on GateChain, will be officially launched soon!

HipoNFT is a decentralized NFT trading platform with low gas fee and high TPS built on GateChain. It aims to help users to enter the Web3 world quickly with low cost. On HipoNFT, you can easily buy and trade NFT; you can also create and sell your NFT works at low cost.

HipoNFT welcomes high-quality NFT projects around the world. Outstanding artists and creators are welcomed to join the community and become our partners. Let’s build a bright future for HipoNFT together.

Contact us:

2.2 UI update

Hipo DeFi’s official website ushered in a new UI upgrade in August. We updated the overall brand color and the UX design of the GateBridge page. The adjustment of more saturated colors and rounded corners is to express the characteristics of Hipo products of asset safety, ease of use, and efficiency.

There are still some pages that are still being upgraded and developed, and the fully upgraded Hipo will be more complete and better to use. We can’t wait to provide a better DeFi tool in GateChain!

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2.3 HipoSwap

Hipo Swap is a Swap protocol on HipoDefi. Currently, it has three functions: Profession swap, Quick swap, and Gateswap liquidity.

Profession swap and quick swap are exchange tools provided for transactions between different tokens. The difference is that professional swap can display a specific price trend chart, while quick swap omits this process and directly adopts the optimal exchange path. Hiposwap currently supports token exchange on seven Layer 1 networks of Ethereum, GateChain, BSC, Polygon, Heco, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

Gateswap is an automated liquidity protocol where each Gateswap smart contract (or pair of contracts) manages a liquidity pool consisting of a reserve of two erc-20 tokens.

Anyone can become a Pool’s Liquidity Provider (LP) by adding the equivalent value of each base token in exchange for pool tokens. These tokens track a prorated LP share of the total reserve and can withdraw the underlying asset at any time.

Click here to know more about HipoSwap.

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2.4 GateChain Ecosystem Update in August

2.4.1 GateChain announced the partnership with DotOracle

GateChain announced the partnership with DotOracle, a public blockchain dedicated to blockchain assets safety and decentralization.

Dot.Oracle aims to launch the first decentralized oracle and multi-chain bridge on the Gate ecosystem.

Dot.Oracle official website:

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2.4.2 BitKeep, a top decentralized multi-chain digital wallet, is live on GateChain!

BitKeep has added GateChain (GT) to the list of supported main-nets. Through the support provided, BitKeep will offer GateChain (GT) users with a convenient means for token transaction, DApp ecosystem participation, Defi projects access and more.

Users will now be able to participate in related projects and trade through BitKeep. At the same time, BitKeep will support more projects from GateChain (GT), representing the main-net in its full glory. In the future, the partnership between GateChain (GT) and BitKeep will certainly go further.

Click here to discover more about BitKeep.

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2.4.3 GateChain launched the first native SocialFi DEX — DRx DeFi!

DRX is the first interoperable LaunchPad + decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by GateChain. Aims to make DeFi fun again, with a friendly and user-first DEX & DeFi ecosystem that anyone can use.

DRX official website:

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2.4.4 GateChain and EarnTV have reached a strategic cooperation!

EarnTV is a community dedicated to develop and build the crypto investors chat of EarnTV (ETV tokens). Watch-to-Earn offering rewards viewers through $ETV for watching Movies, TV Shows & Targeting ads.

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2.5 GateChain Ecosystem in August

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GateChain provides support for creative ideas and projects including GateGrants funding, subsequent funding opportunities, interoperable resources, traffic introduction, technical consultation, strategic planning, etc. You can apply here:

For more information about the GateChain ecosystem, please click to view the “GateChain Ecosystem page”. More ecological projects are under integration and will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

3.Community Events


The GateOracle was implemented by the GT team through ChainLink and is now able to provide real world data in real time, combined with the blockchain data.

Each on-chain price feed belongs to an on-chain address. This is a function that allows the independent GateOracle nodes to exchange data with the feeds in a decentralized, accurate and real time manner.

Click here to discover more about GateOracle.

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3.2 Detailed explanation of Zk-rollup solution

As far as everyone knows, there exist many problems with Layer 1 blockchain networks (ETH for example) such as high gas fee, low Tps, network congestion etc. The discussions on solving these problems are constantly ongoing. Rollup and sharding technology have grown to become an important expansion method to improve the throughput and scalability of L1 networks.

The Zk-rollup solution developed by GateChain will also be launched. As a self-developed Layer 2 expansion solution, we refer to the advantages and disadvantages of the mainstream Zk-rollup projects on the market, and actively innovate to improve EVM compatibility without sacrificing security and efficiency.

Click here to discover more.

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3.3 What makes DeFi complete? Explore Wrapped Tokens in the GT Ecosystem.

Hipo DeFi was built in an open multi-chain ecology and its purpose is to allow users to enjoy cross-chain transactions on the most popular chains.

Wrapped tokens are considered cryptocurrencies that can be traded at the same price of the initial cryptocurrency but on a different blockchain. Wrapped tokens came into existence through a process called “minting”.

On the GT ecosystem, wrapped tokens “swim” in pools with enough liquidity and secure transaction protocols. On alone, transactions have long surpassed the $737,660,000,000 milestone thanks to our active users that have been supporting DeFi since day1.

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