xHashtag: Web3 Credentials for Future of Work

Key Takeaways (TL;DR)

  1. Our unique #SoulSwag SBTs which are on-chain non-transferable Reputation and Skill badges.
  2. Launch a fully configurable liquid staking vault with zero technical knowledge required, including minting your own $project tokens in less than 2 minutes!
  3. Participate by staking in already provisioned liquid staking vaults to earn attractive staking rewards.


With xHashtag, users can build up their portfolio of #SoulSwags, which are onchain credentials that represent their skills and loyalty for a project/brand, while projects can easily identify their loyal fans on-chain and offer unique rewards and benefits.

#SoulSwags also offer enhanced sybil resistance in DAO voting due to their non-transferable and verifiable nature.

Governance Token

The total supply of $XTAG is 100 million and with current circulating supply of ~16 million, which is 16% of the total supply.

The token distribution of $XTAG can be found in the chart below:

Key Features

  • #SoulSwag Credentials: #SoulSwags are Skill and Reputation Soulbound Tokens which enable automatic user eligibility check based on brand’s requirements.
  • Automated Ambassadors: Brands can create tasks and incentivize skilled and reputed users to participate, thus acting as ambassadors for the project, without becoming economically unviable or inefficient.
  • Metaverse Advertising: Partner projects can deploy wearable #SoulSwags for the Metaverse, which garners more eyeballs, thus adding value and brand recall.
  • No-code Web3 Tools: Our Web3 tools allow projects to create new utilities for their token with no coding experience required.

xHashtag automates the entire campaign for the projects, including task completion verification and credential/reward dispatch, thus enabling projects to dedicate more bandwidth towards their development.

About xHashtag

xHashtag is a Web3 protocol providing on-chain credentials for Future Of Work. Using reputation credentials, brands can dynamically assemble skilled liquid teams while users are able to build their Web3 reputation and earn in exchange for creating value. This is made possible through #SoulSwags, our on-chain reputation credential badges.

Wish to partner with us and launch your own #SoulSwag? Fill this form now!

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