Tour de GateChain with xHashtag Event Recap and Rewards Distribution

  1. The unique #SoulSwag SBTs which are on-chain non-transferable Reputation and Skill badges.
  2. Launch a fully configurable liquid staking vault with zero technical knowledge required, including minting your own $project tokens in less than 2 minutes!
  3. Participate by staking in the already provisioned liquid staking vaults to earn attractive rewards.

The Tour de GateChain marathon has ended successfully!

Phase1. Hello GateChain — Off Chain Tasks

  • Hello GateChain #SoulSwag
  • Gasdrop of $GT for transacting on the GateChain
  • 10,000 TDG tokens (For use in the second task, received upon claiming the Hello GateChain #SoulSwag).
Top 9 valid referrals’ list

Phase2. Fastest Staker First — On-chain Contest

About xHashtag

About GateChain



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