Marie Tatibouet, CMO at Interview by CoinChoose

CoinChoose Interviewing Marie Tatibouet, the CMO at about coins, mining, exchanges and Check out this exclusive take-in on some crypto trends.

Marie you have been based in China for the last five years and have seen the Crypto market expanding like no one else. Can you share your intake on China’s first Crypto law and what is going to be its impact on the global economy?

China recently launched their own Cryptocurrency and this might mean something huge for the Crypto adaptation. Can you comment on the possible outcome?

As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at, can you share some updates on the exchange and the latest exciting news?

There has been some talk around the best coins for mining and how to choose? What is your personal favourite?

What advice can you give from your expert point of view to the people going on the exchange and trading Crypto?

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