GT Listing at Soda DeFi Platform and Deposit GT to Earn SODA

GT Listing at Soda DeFi Platform and Deposit GT to Earn SODA, a DeFi platform (website is going to add GT to two pools, one is GT single coin staking and mining pool and the other GT/ETH pair liquidity pool. Depositing GT to earn SODA is going to start September 18, 0:00 AM UTC.

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When launches the DeFi liquidity mining service, the decentralized platform users can get high return by staking GT. At the same time, will open lockup GT and earn SODA products to allow users to earn passive income. Please follow us and stay turned. will start SODA trading when the market is more stable. At its early stage, SODA is traded at a third-party exchange.

Important: SODA is produced by staking mining, which is of high inflation rate thus imposing high pressure to the market in a short term. The price is likely to fall drastically in the future. It is not recommended to nonprofessional traders. Furthermore, decentralized projects have the possibility of code vulnerabilities and project quick failure among other high risks. Please fully understand the project and the risks involved.

More investment products with stable earnings are coming soon. We have listed several DeFi liquidity mining-related products, among which BTC flexible investment is gaining an APR over 20% and the ETH investment product gaining APR over 40%. Please follow us and view more at : or tab HODL&Earn at the Market screen on our APP.

DeFi liquidity mining has been gaining steam recently and the annualized return is quite high. But for the average user, the threshold of participating remains high, which does not only demand professional skills in wallet and private key safekeeping, but also demand an eagle eye to identify problematic projects. Risks of team exit, vulnerabilities in smart contracts, and more may cause loss of assets.

For safety consideration, only put the asset in broadly proven and audited DeFi mining projects. The earning currencies, such as CRV,YAM,SUSHI,and FARM, will be distributed to GT holders who lockup GT at to further incentivize the Gate/GateChain DeFi eco.

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