GT (Gate Token) Ranked №1 in Voting And Added on ChickenSwap

According to ChickenSwap announcement, in this round of voting on ChickenSwap, from October 5th to October 6th, Gate Token (GT) was selected to add to ChickenSwap staking pools with the most votes (9,641) amongst 6 candidate projects. Staking GT to mine Chicken (KFC) has started on October 7th at 4:00 AM UTC,.

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About ChickenSwap
Unlike a typical DEX platform, ChickenSwap uses an AMM and Sushiswap staking mechanism while providing tokens similar to SUSHI, rolling out in phase, to ensure sustainability. ChickenSwap may add more DeFi liquidity pools by community voting. View its website at

Following ChickenSwap adding GT to its DeFi staking service, the decentralized platform users can stake GT to earn. Please note, Chicken(KFC) is generated by staking. With a high inflation rate at very early time, the short-term market will face much pressure. In the future, the price might drop drastically. We do not recommend it to non-professional traders. Besides, a decentralized project may have high risks such as code vulnerability and quick project failure. Please fully understand the risks and invest with caution. We discourage users and users somewhere else from buying at the very early time.

If you wish to earn a stable passive earning from DeFi reward, check our HODL & Earn from time to time. We have launched many DeFi liquidity mining products, annualized yield up to 23%. Learn more at

DeFi liquidity mining has been gaining attention recently and the annualized return is quite high. But for the average user, the threshold of participating remains high, which does not only demand professional skills in the wallet and private key safekeeping, but also demands a distinct sense of judgment to identify questionable projects. Risks of team exit, vulnerabilities in smart contracts, and more may cause a loss of assets. uses its expertise as an established exchange to provide its users with easy access to DeFi yield farming. We also allocate the yield generated on a daily basis to make sure our users realize maximum interest.

More investment products with stable earnings are coming soon. Please follow us and stay tuned.
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October 7th, 2020




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Your Gateway To Decentralized Safety

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