GateChain Testnet 3.0 Launch

About GateChain Testnet3.0 launched GateChain Testnet 1.0 on September 30th, 2019. GateChain creatively presents a solution for security issues such as loss of private keys and assets being stolen.

After the launch of the Testnet, we have received constructive feedback from users and we have upgraded the network accordingly.

The newly released GateChain Testnet 3.0 is a very important upgrade:

①We redesigned the network module and implemented a new consensus mechanism.

②The performance in the testing environment reaches 2000+ TPS (Transactions per Second) and supports 1000+ validator nodes.

About GateChain Mainnet

GateChain not only has its unique asset security features, it also comes with great network capacity.

For the new underlying architecture and consensus mechanism, we will build a single module and launch it as an independent project:

The new module will be equipped with the one-tap chain issuance feature, which enables other blockchain development teams to utilize GateChain’s technology under the respective open source and intellectual property right related protocols.

We will release GateChain Testnet 4.0 in May 2020, the launch will include bug fixes, performance optimizations. We will also continue to collect feedback and suggestions that facilitate further development and optimization of Testnet 4.0. The GateChain Mainnet 1.0 will be released shortly after Testnet 4.0 around 2020 Q2. During this time, we will launch the individual module mentioned above together with the one-tap chain issuance feature.

How to Participate in the Gatechain Testnet 3.0 Testing

Gatechain provides different types of wallets for both regular, professional, and corporate users. During the testnet phase, regular users can try out the wallets by using the Windows and Mac OS desktop versions. Professional and incorporated users can visit the testnet via full nodes or API.

Gatechain Wallet user instruction:
lease note that the network test is an ongoing process. The network might reset and the Testnet token could be cleared. Users can obtain the Testnet token again if the network is reset.

To keep up with our latest progress, please follow our social media account down below:






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