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6 min readOct 13, 2022
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GateChain and MetaMirror held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in the GateChain’ Official Telegram group at Oct 11th 12pm UTC. Here is the recap for you.

GateChain Community Manager: Today, we invite @tracymeet to join our AMA. She’s the marketing & community manager of MetaMirror. We are excited to have her join us today for a discussion on blockchain identity.

At the end of the AMA, she will be answering 5 questions from our community. If your question gets selected, you will receive a 10 $USDT reward. So definitely listen carefully AND be prepared to roll those questions in!

Another good news: Beyond this giveaway, Tracy has brought us another 1000 $USDT giveaway, shared among 100 winners.In today’s AMA, you will learn more about MBuddy Campaign, with a Soulbound Token as award. Sometime during the AMA, Tracy will drop the entry link for this giveaway. So watch out everyone and don’t miss it!

Without further ado, let’s start today’s AMA 🚀🚀

@tracymeet Could you introduce yourself briefly?

MetaMirror: Hi everyone, this is Tracy. I’m the marketing & community manager at MetaMirror. And I have over 5 years of experience in Blockchain. I joined Auth3 Network last spring and now I am focusing on MetaMirror development.

It’s my pleasure to join Gate Chain AMA and chat with everyone! Today, I’m bringing a small gift for everyone, which is an SBT identity badge for joining today’s AMA.

GateChain Community Manager: Thanks for introducing yourself! My first question is what is MetaMirror? Could you please introduce it briefly?

MetaMirror: MetaMirror is a privacy-preserving Web 3.0+ identity project. We help users mirror themselves from the Web2 world into Web3. As a result, each user gets an MBuddy, which is their Web 3.0+ identity.

GateChain Community Manager: Thank you for answering. We all have an identity in real life. But I’m not sure how useful this is. Could you please elaborate it?

MetaMirror: In the Web2 world, you may not be aware of how your identity is used. But your identity is used extensively by tech companies. Every day you are streamed with advertisements and recommended videos and web pages. This information is tailored for you, based on your identity information.

You may find this convenient or annoying. But the other side of the story is: Tech companies are using your identity to make money.

They centrally control your data, and because they have such control, your personal data (sometimes sensitive data) is analyzed to find the best match advertisements. This generates real monetary value.

GateChain Community Manager: So MBuddy is the Web3 version of this business?

MetaMirror: No. MBuddy Identity is fundamentally different from the centralized identity. It is an identity that users control and benefit from. That means, each user controls their own identity data. And users benefit from their own identity data value.

GateChain Community Manager: That sounds great! What are the benefits we can get?

MetaMirror: Technically, there are lots of ways that MBuddy can be used. At the moment, we have built an application for Web3 campaigns.

Because of the convenience of Web2 social media, Web3 projects often post campaigns on centralized platforms such as Twitter and Discord. After completing campaign tasks in Web2 platforms, we ought to receive benefits from this. This is a very straightforward use case of MBuddy — to check your task completion status.

On our website, you can find campaigns that are posted by top GameFi and NFT projects. You can join these campaigns, contribute to these Web3 projects, and use your Web2 data to claim the rewards!

Here’s the website:

GateChain Community Manager: I heard that you are launching an MBuddy Campaign for today’s AMA as well.

MetaMirror: Yes! For today’s AMA event, we are hosting a celebration MBuddy Campaign as well. 1000 USDT will be raffled to 100 lucky winners! Furthermore, every campaign participant will receive an SBT (Soulbound Token) identity Badge!

Come try it out:

Don’t forget to click “Join” on the campaign page & generate your attribute after completing tasks.

GateChain Community Manager: Besides checking campaigns, what other use case will MBuddy have?

MetaMirror: MBuddy has infinite use cases in Web 3.0+. Essentially, in all scenarios where data-backed insight is appreciated. To list a few:

  1. Building and Activating DAOs

2. MBuddy-based GameFi

3. Privacy-preserving targeted marketing with payments to users

4. Web 3.0+ credit system

5. Decentralized & compensated news propagation

6. Decentralized community management

More application use cases are to be launched soon! Check our whitepaper for more details:

Section 2: Community Questions

Question1: Can I sell my MBuddy NFT badge? Why do I need it?

MetaMirror: The SBT/NFT badge symbolizes your contribution and your status in Space. In MetaMirror Space, a badge is an indicator of early contribution. During the $MMT token release phase, it will also be a reference index for distributing airdrops, community give-back rewards, and granting early investor access.

Question2: How to make sure that your team can be trusted in privacy-preserving?

MetaMirror: This is a good question. Thanks for bringing it up. First of all, you don’t need to trust our team. This is because users’ data privacy is preserved using blockchain and secure computation technology. Because of the structure of our network, our team DO NOT have access to users’ data at all.

Question3: What target audience are your products for?

MetaMirror: We are helping Web3 projects build a community-based identity scheme. A lot of top GameFi & crypto projects have boarded MBuddy Portal.

On the customer side, if you look to build your Web3 identity, discover top Web3 projects, and collect rewards along the way, definitely head to our community!

Question4: What project can I find on MetaMirror?

MetaMirror: As you may have recognized, we’ve partnered with many big projects from all Web3 industries including Layer1 chains, GameFi, NFT, CEX, etc. Specifically, besides Lingose, we are also collaborating with OKXChain, IoTeX, Big Time, KCC, Celer, etc., All our partners have already onboarded MBuddy Portal and created their exclusive Spaces and Campaigns. You can find more information on the MBuddy homepage:

Question5: Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?





Question6: What is the motivation behind MBuddy, what are the existing problems you aim to solve and new value you guys are bringing to the crypto space at large?

MetaMirror: We are bringing Web2 data value to Web3 ecosystems. For it to truly be Web3, we can not just simply cut out all the applications that’s build upon sensitive identity data.

Without a solution to embrace and unlock data value, we can’t establish the next internet generation. Our value to the industry is that we bring all the data value from the real world and web 2, onto the decentralized internet. You can all own your identity and be rewarded for your data value through MBuddy Identity.

Question7: Can I buy a MetaMirror token?

MetaMirror: Yes, in order to promote the sustainable growth of MetaMirror, we will issue the MetaMirror native token — $MMT.

$MMT will be the utility token of the MetaMirror ecosystem for the payment of services. Also, it will serve as an incentive to engage critical ecosystem parties to discover more data sources, create more MBuddy Spaces, expand more application scenarios, and more.

A portion of $MMT will be airdropped to early MetaMirror ecosystem participants before TGE, including early MBuddy participants, a.k.a. those who came to join the campaigns and won the soulbound badges.

So don’t hesitate to join the campaigns in MBuddy and collect your exclusive SBT badges!

GateChain: These are all the questions we have for today! Thank you everyone for joining us. And thank you Tracy for giving us a deep dive into MBuddy Identity technology.

A friendly reminder for everyone:
Don’t forget to join the AMA celebration MBuddy Campaign, to share the 1000 USDT rewards!

Join here:

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