Released Android App (2.6.2 Beta) With Added Features of“Crypto Space” and “Online Connecting Microphones”

To improve users’ trading experiences, has released the newest version of its Android app (2.6.2 beta); including an added “Crypto Space” feature, through which users can share their moments with other users; an added “Online Connecting Microphones” feature, allowing users to speak online with the streamers; an added “My Profile” section on the left side of the menu, providing access to users to chat and edit their moments; an added feature supporting tourists (what do you mean?) for “Contact Support”. will continue to provide users with professional and high-quality services, so please stay tuned!

Download it now at:
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Please note that if the interface of the app crashes after upgrading from the old version, users should delete the old version and re-install the app to get the latest version.

What’s New
Ⅰ “Online Connecting Microphones” in Live Streaming
1. Users can apply for permission from the streamers to access the connecting microphones online.
2. Synchronized information and prompt connection.

Ⅱ Added “Crypto Space”
1. All the moments of users can be checked in “Crypto Space”.
2. Added interactive features of “User Contribution”, “Like”, Comment”, “Reply”, “Click to View Picture”.
3. Supported forms of picture, text, Gate Emoji, Tencent Emoji and atic emoji.
4. Added feature to allow users to visit other users’ profile through tapping the profile photos.
5. Fixed bugs of GIF.
6. Optimized GIF.
7. Optimized process of sending a moment.
Ⅲ Others
1. Added moments record of users.
2. Added Emoji of “Candy” and “ 7th Anniversary” on the keyboard.
3. Added “My Profile”, allowing users to check and edit their moments.
4. Optimized data of “My Order” in spot trading.
5. Optimized data of position in Contract.
6. Added record of closing a position in “Crypto Loan”.
7. Added feature supporting tourists (tourists?) for “Contact Support”.
8. Optimized user interface.
9. Added translation.
10. Fixed bugs.

Operation Procedure for “Crypto Space”

Operation Procedure for “My Profile”

Operation Procedure for “Online Connecting Microphones” is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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