Attends London Blockchain Week In March 2020

3 min readMar 16, 2020


The London Blockchain Week has just come to an end. All in all, we attended a total of 4 events; it was an excellent time to come together with like-minded crypto professionals.

The summit took place from March 4th until March 11th, 2020. Considering current developments on a global scale, it might be the last crypto conference for

a while. Even though the coronavirus has caused diminished attendance, and many blockchain events have been canceled over the world, luckily, this one went through.’s Chief Marketing Officer Marie Tatibouet and’s Community Manager Patrick Velleman hosted a variety of Livestream sessions, doing live coverage from both the London Blockchain Summit as well as the Crypto Compare Summit.

Livestream Playback:

London still holds the position of the fintech capital of Europe. As adoption is slowly but surely increasing, the interest of traditional financial institutions has leaned more towards crypto over the years. This is why regulation was a central topic amongst all panels over all of the days. As traditional finance institutions tend towards risk-adversity, the through-line of the entire week definitely seemed centered around creating and building a regulatory framework. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects are abundant in 2020 and have been establishing themselves throughout the space for a long time. A framework to see a more mainstream adoption seems like the most logical next step.

What was particularly nice was to see lots of familiar faces of the industry. During the Livestream at the Crypto Compare Summit, we had the opportunity to get some great perspective from projects we have listed on our exchange, and talk in-depth with a research firm about how data will help gain considerable insight into the crypto space for a variety of parties.

From seeing debates on how decentralized DeFi actually is to market integrity of a wide variety of crypto products, there was loads to see and lots of interesting people to connect with.

A “Women in Blockchain” meetup provided the perfect occasion to hear from a variety of female crypto entrepreneurs who were able to voice which impact they

had left on this specific space. Promising perspectives on the role of women in the crypto space.

Overall there was a positive and engaging sound from and for the entire crypto community. The Crypto Compare Summit especially presented an extraordinary event to connect with industry veterans where noobs and whales alike could learn from fast-paced debates. We will be sure to attend any relevant summits or conferences in the near future to keep you updated on what is hot and what is not

in the industry.

We always appreciate your continued support, and we will continue to strive to become one of the world’s leading global exchanges. Thanks so much to everyone who has been following us while we visited the conference. We would love to hear what your thoughts are about the future of crypto in general.