FlatPyramid: A platform for trading NFT 3D models

2 min readJul 8, 2022

GateChain is pleased to announce the completion of the FlatPyramid on-chain integration, which will enable FlatPyramid to participate in the ecosystem as part of GateChain’s NFT platform.

GateChain will provide technical support such as NFT Box for FlatPyramid project to create an NFT trading system, which would combine ecosystem resources.

Meet FlatPyramid: a platform for trading NFT 3D models

FlatPyramid is a platform for customizing, purchasing and selling 3D model files for a wide variety of industries, such as advertising and marketing, film, television, and media, architecture and design, product development, augmented reality (AR), and VR.

FlatPyramid and GateChain are working together to create a 3D model trading platform for NFT, which will eventually connect traditional trading platforms to NFT trading platforms.

FlatPyramid project products

1. Customize exclusive 3D model NFT freely according to user requirements.

2. Select appropriate 3D models to purchase from the existing 3D model NFT library.

3. Sell your 3D model NFT through FlatPyramid.

FlatPyramid project highlights

1.FlatPyramid has a large number of professional 3D model designers who can create and render high-quality 3D models according to your specific requirements.

2.FlatPyramid has a sophisticated sales management system to ensure transaction security.

About GateChain

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