Emiswap: Decentralized AMM exchange with ESW governance token & NFTs

3 min readJul 8, 2022

Emiswap is now live on GateChain mainnet, you can use the Emiswap platform to:

  • Swap your on-chain asset. Enjoy the really low Gas fees on GateChain.
  • Provide liquidity for your favorite trading pair and start liquidity mining. You can share 0.25% from any operation within the liquidity pool.


EmiSwap is an automated market maker exchange with a governance ESW token and NFT Magic Cards, designed to boost user’s yield on the platform.

EmiSwap developers took the AMM Mooniswap protocol as a basis. This protocol has been developed on the basis of AMM Uniswap V2, which the Mooniswap team has enhanced with a solution to protect against “front-running” so liquidity providers will not lose benefits from temporary price slippage.

Thus, EmiSwap is an open-source, decentralized platform, a fork of Uniswap V2 and

Mooniswap with increased performance and supplemented functionality.

Economical Model

ESW is a governance token that gives holders a right to receive a share of distributing fees proportionate to the share of token ownership and gives a right to participate in voting on the development of the project.

Source: Emiswap

NFT Magic Cards are unique digital collectibles used to reward users for providing liquidity. Each card contains a special bonus, they increase the user’s rewards on EmiSwap dramatically and allow for gamified activities.

Top 3 Emiswap Upcoming 2022 Features

  1. Multi-Chain Interoperability
  • Emiswap is entering a new era of interoperability. In 2020, the DEX launched on Ethereum with full functionality. Having finished the integration with GateChain. Emiswap is currently integrating Astar (formerly Plasm), Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Near Protocol, OKEx, and more, allowing users to experience multi-chain like never before.

2. Cross-Chain Bridge Aggregator

  • Emiswap’s Cross-Chain Bridge Aggregator is under development. It will simplify your experience by allowing you to move tokens, assets, and data across blockchains with varying protocols, regulations, and governance models while also ensuring that they are linked safely.

3. NFT Card Battles & Staking

  • EmiSwap Magic Cards are playable, tradable, and yield-boosting NFT collectible digital cards! Card-holders will compete in immersive card battle tournaments to build their decks and compete against other players to win prizes.

With the introduction of AMMs, the DeFi sector underwent a dramatic transformation, demonstrating that it can now maintain itself continuously. EmiSwap represents DeFi and is a powerful DEX with an ecosystem of meaningful incentives and an exciting venture into what will be a game-changer for DeFi users and $ESW holders around the world!

About Emiswap

Emiswap is an audited cross-chain AMM with higher rewards for LPs than any other DEX. It combines the best of AMM Uniswap V2 and AMM Mooniswap with ESW token logic that benefits all project participants and yield-boosting gamified NFT Magic Card mechanics, which are rewarded for providing liquidity on the Emiswap DEX. Connect your wallet, hold on to ESW, and watch your rewards grow.

Official website: https://emiswap.com/main

White Paper: https://emiswap.com/static/media/whitePaper.e891d0c2.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emiswap


GitHub: https://github.com/EMISWAP-COM

Medium: https://medium.com/emiswap

About GateChain

GateChain is a next-generation public blockchain, focused on on-chain asset safety and decentralized trading. Its uniquely designed Vault Account is primed for handling abnormal transactions. GateChain presents an extraordinary clearing mechanism, tackling the challenges of asset theft and private key loss. Decentralized trading and cross-chain transfers will also be supported, alongside other core features.

Official website: https://gatechain.io/

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Medium: https://gatechain.medium.com/

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