Emiswap: Decentralized AMM exchange with ESW governance token & NFTs

  • Swap your on-chain asset. Enjoy the really low Gas fees on GateChain.
  • Provide liquidity for your favorite trading pair and start liquidity mining. You can share 0.25% from any operation within the liquidity pool.


Economical Model

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Top 3 Emiswap Upcoming 2022 Features

  1. Multi-Chain Interoperability
  • Emiswap is entering a new era of interoperability. In 2020, the DEX launched on Ethereum with full functionality. Having finished the integration with GateChain. Emiswap is currently integrating Astar (formerly Plasm), Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Near Protocol, OKEx, and more, allowing users to experience multi-chain like never before.
  • Emiswap’s Cross-Chain Bridge Aggregator is under development. It will simplify your experience by allowing you to move tokens, assets, and data across blockchains with varying protocols, regulations, and governance models while also ensuring that they are linked safely.
  • EmiSwap Magic Cards are playable, tradable, and yield-boosting NFT collectible digital cards! Card-holders will compete in immersive card battle tournaments to build their decks and compete against other players to win prizes.

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