BovineVerse: A New Fi+ Gaming Platform

-BovineVerse is now live on GateChain Meteora, which would expand the application of GateChain ecosystem in the field of Gamefi

-BovineVerse will provide a batch of NFT badges for airdrops on Hipo NFT, and the badges will be exchanged for some benefits in the BovineVerse game

Issued by Singularity Studio, BovineVerse is in the era of . Among the multiple parallel worlds in BovineVerse, we will successively release 3 creative and interesting games on blockchain and apply DAO governance to online social networks, crossing games and offering high flexibility. At the same time, players can own their bovine animals to socialize, adventure and create, building a diverse and colorful world together. What’s more, they are encouraged to establish their guilds here.

Interstellar Rangeland

The first virtual parallel universe in BovineVerse where players will be silicon-based creatures — interstellar cattles, and play, earn and live in this mysterious Rangeland.

In addition, players are given full freedom in the universe of Interstella Rangeland. They can not only pursue stellar ambitions through purchasing planets, establishing guilds, and conducting interstellar plunder, but also run their own business (farm), including breeding calves, lending premium cattles for breeding, milking, bullfighting in Arena, etc. Play to earn!

Interstellar Sandbox

Inspired by Minecraft, is the second parallel universe in BovineVerse, Interstellar Sandbox provides nearly infinite lands for players to explore a blocky and programmatically generated 3D world. They have chances to discover raw materials, craft tools and items to build their planets and spaceships.

The game modes suggest that players can combat with alien federation controlled by computer, as well as cooperate and compete with other players from the same world. Besides, survival mode and creative mode are available. The former model states that players must gain resources to build the world and keep healthy, while the latter provides players with unlimited resources and a chance to fly. Interestingly, players can modify the game to create new mechanisms, items and assets.

Interstellar Trek

is a virtual reality (VR) and Play-to-Earn game that supports all SteamVR terminals. It tells a story about friendship, honor, conquest and star wars. The biggest feature of Interstellar Trek is that players can create custom modules through Steam Workshop and enjoy a free journey in this universe.

In the world of Star Trek, all bovine avatars can find immersive enjoyment in fighting with monsters and other players through VR devices. Players can physically move within their own room to simultaneously move their virtual cattle characters or spaceships in the game to fight, and gain profits through exploration, mining, battle or other activities.

About Planets

There are three planet in BovineVerse: Homeland, Unionland, and Genland. These NFT assets have a great value for players to produce, work and thrive. When players are engaging in economic activities, the planet president collects tax revenues for welfare and governance. DAO governance will be integrated into every planet and the owners have the authority to design the ecosystem.

About Bovine Hero

Bovine Heroes serve as the NFT assets in BovineVerse, capable of traveling across different games and spaces on the platform. Every Bovine Hero is identified by a unique ID and avatar based on ERC-721, with a total supply of 10,000 only (initial supply: 514). Compared with regular cattles in game, Bovine Hero possesses higher attributes and eternal life, free of breeding limits. Players can acquire Bovine Hero through cattle mystery box and NFT trading market.

Our Vision

We wish to develop by virtue of advanced blockchain technology. In this decentralized economy, game and social system, each player will own bovine animals to socialize, adventure and create. Players can fully enjoy the low-latency games in this amazing universe anytime and anywhere. Heading toward, BovineVerse will keep upgrading and improving the in-game facilities, bringing more creative and interesting gameplays to bovine citizens.

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About Gatechain

GateChain is a new generation of public chains focused on user asset security and decentralized transactions. With its original online hot wallet account and settlement guarantee system, it creatively solves the core basic problems of the industry, such as the theft of users’ digital assets, the destruction and loss of private keys, slow decentralized transactions, and the lack of cross-chain transfers. With six years of blockchain technology accumulation, two years of dedicated research and a hundred-people in the technical team,GateChain relies on excellent innovation ability and strong financial strength to create a revolutionary blockchain.

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