An Overview of GateChain Ecosystem

3 min readJan 15, 2020

GateChain ecosystem comprises CateChain mainnet, GateChain DEX, GateChain Token (GT), wallets, etc. Them forms a decentralized ecosystem characterized by enterprise-grade safety and efficiency for digital asset storage, issuance and trading, presents a novel solution to blockchain transaction safety.

The main features of GateChain ecosystem can be listed as follow:

1. Transfer/payment:Using a wallet or client-side Apps, users can send and receive GateChain Token (GT), as well as other popular on-chain assets.

2. Asset issuance: Users can issue and use their own tokens (e.g., GT) to digitalize and manage their assets. For more details, visit Asset Management.

3. Decentralized cross-chain transaction:GateChain provides support for high-performance decentralized trading among different digital currencies.

4. Asset safe storage: With a uniquely designed vault account and a clearing technology, the account can have comprehensive protection and support revoking /clearing operations targeting abnormal transactions. For more details, visit Transaction Protection.

5. Multi-signature: Multiple signers can share ownership of one account, and get customize management over their digital assets, which best fit the enterprise demands. For more details, visit Multi-signature.

6. POS staking reward: GT works as a stable incentive for users participating in PoS staking, which safeguards the robustness of underlying blockchain.

GateChain Blockchain

GateChain is a novel next-generation public blockchain, focused on on-chain asset safety and decentralized exchange. With unique Vault Account technology and its supporting transaction model design, GateChain has implemented a guaranteed safe clearing mechanism, creatively solved the challenging problem of asset theft and private key missing. It also supports decentralized trading and cross-chain transfer among other core applications. Compared with traditional blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, GateChain focuses on on-chain asset safety. It creatively proposed a bunch of novel concepts, including Normal AccountVault AccountRetrieval AccountClearing HeightRevocable Delay PeriodAddress TypeTransaction Type.definition and explanation visitGateChain Document.

GateChain DEX

GateChain DEX is a decentralized exchange based on GateChain. It has matching engines of ultra-high performance and low participating cost, and thus provides users safe, quick and transparent trading experience. It also supports cross-chain transfer for multiple currencies.

Anyone who has full control over his private key to his account can exchange freely. GateChain DEX uses private own encrypted wallets or hardware wallets to safeguard users’ assets and solves the trust issue that is present for centralized exchange.

GateChain Token

GateChain Token (GT) is the native currency of the GateChain main net. It is used to pay the transfer fee on the GateChain network and works as the incentive reward for PoS staking. It is fundamental to the GateChain network. In addition, it is an important ecosystem member for exchange.

The issue plan of GT is determined as :

· GateChain initial supply 300 million GTs, all of which were given away to users in a transparent method in its initial distribution.

· In 10 years, the GT supply will reach 1 billion, which is its designed total supply cap. Among them,

· 200 million GTs will go to developing and researching, released linearly in a term of 10 years after a 12 months lockup;

· 100 million GTs will go to market expansion, released linearly in a term of 10 years after a 12 months lockup;

· 200 million GTs will go to ecosystem building, released linearly in a term of 10 years after a 12 months lockup; and

· 200 million GTs will be produced as staking rewards.

GateChain Wallets

GateChain provides various wallet applications for individual, professional and enterprise users.

At test net phase, GateChain provides desktop wallets for Windows and Mac OS; professional users can also access and test using API.

At mainnet phase, GateChain will provide command-line wallet, a mobile wallet for Android and iOS, Web wallet, multi-signature wallet, and a hardware wallet, to cater to the individual, professional and enterprise users.

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